Omnitype 5 Year Anniversary Celebration - Day 1

This week we are celebrating our 5 Year Anniversary of being in business! We are going to be having our biggest sale ever on Thursday, June 16th where every single item available on our store will be 25% off. GMK sets, SA sets, deskpads, switches, Poke Balls, and more! 


As part of the celebration, each day of this week leading up to the sale, we will be highlighting a moment from our history that you may not know about! To kick things off, we are going all the way back to the very first day.


Our first official day of business was June 16, 2017 when I listed our first products on the website. To your possible surprise, our first products were not keyboard products, but instead stickers about keyboards. I started this business as a creative outlet, as I was not very fulfilled at my day job as a graphic designer at a promotional company.
I had been part of the keyboard community as a customer for 3-4 years at that time and it was the perfect place to explore design. There were some things that I thought could be improved as far as purchasing products went, so that gave me an excuse to create a brand just for the fun of it. I saw that as a fun challenge and started out just designing stickers for the community. Honestly, I was more thrilled with the idea of creating a brand than the products themselves, as I loved branding. Having an actual subject matter to design a brand around is much more fulfilling than just designing a fake brand. So by creating some small products, I had all the reason to create a real brand! And the company was born. However, it was not ever thought to be something that would take off, but more of something for fun when I got off work. 
I spent most of my $400 paycheck from my graphic design job to fund a small batch of stickers that I printed myself on my employer's nice printer. I basically became a customer of my own job. The photos show one of our first batches being printed!

I had probably less than 50 stickers available to launch because that was all I could afford, and they sold out the first day! I ended up including hand written letters in each order because I was so incredibly blown away that anyone was ordering to begin with. I kept this up for as long as I could before it was just not feasible anymore with growing order totals. I don't know if anyone out there still has any of these original stickers or letters, but shout out to all of our first day customers for helping me start something that would end up changing my life forever. 

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