Bauer Lite

We are so excited to finally announce that we are working on an injection molded version of Bauer! Stayed tuned for more details!

Known Info
- Injection molded
- Bauer Lite PCB will be the same form factor as (and compatible with) Bauer 2
- Bauer Lite plates will be the same as (and compatible with) Bauer 2
- Bauer Lite top/bottom case is not the same as Bauer 2 metal versions (i.e. not compatible) because the injection molding process requires a different design for production
- Bauer Lite mounting system will be the same style as the Bauer 2, with neoprene pads and taco bumpers
- Will be consistently available, and may launch it with an unlimited preorder
- There will be a hotswap PCB

Unannounced Info
- Price
- Launch date
- Color options
- What it sounds like (It doesn't exist yet!)
- Anything else not mentioned above


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