Bauer Lite

Posted by Garrett Moore on

We are so excited to finally announce that we are working on an injection molded version of Bauer! Stayed tuned for more details!

Known Info
- Injection molded
- Bauer Lite PCB will be the same form factor as (and compatible with) Bauer 2
- Bauer Lite plates will be the same as (and compatible with) Bauer 2
- Bauer Lite top/bottom case is not the same as Bauer 2 metal versions (i.e. not compatible) because the injection molding process requires a different design for production
- Bauer Lite mounting system will be the same style as the Bauer 2, with neoprene pads and taco bumpers
- Will be consistently available, and may launch it with an unlimited preorder
- There will be a hotswap PCB

Unannounced Info
- Price
- Launch date
- Color options
- What it sounds like (It doesn't exist yet!)
- Anything else not mentioned above


Product Announcement

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  • Hi there,
    i’m from the Netherlands and would REALLY like to know if, and where i can buy a Bauer lite, once it goes live?


    Erwin on
  • Should make a GMK Redline version which looks like the first picture of the keycap page.

    RJJ on
  • plz notice me when I can buy this keyboard

    Chloe Leng on

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