Omnitype Acquires Heavy Grail Switch Plate Tooling from Norbauer & Co.

Posted by Garrett Moore on

We are very excited to announce that, as of last week, we have officially completed the acquisition of the Heavy Grail switch plate tooling from Norbauer & Co.

You may know of the Heavy Grail keyboard kit, designed by Norbauer & Co as an aftermarket housing for the HHKB. Ryan spent many years meticulously developing and fine-tuning the Heavy Grail switch plate to be an incredible building and typing experience while also allowing for deeper customization than the HHKB. With Norbauer & Co. moving past designing aftermarket housing for Topre keyboards, we jumped at the opportunity to continue using the tooling for our owns designs. The switch plate is made in the USA and will continue to be moving forward with us at the controls. 

Heavy Grail Mold

With this, we are able to expand into a new direction and dip our toes into the electro-capacitive space. We already have some designs in the works using the switch plate design and are even more excited about the possibilities it opens up for us in the future. Details about how we will use the plate will be released at a later date.

We are very thankful for our friendship and working relationship with Ryan and Norbauer & Co, as well as very grateful for the opportunity to continue the legacy of the Heavy Grail switch plate system with new products. 

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  • 2 years later and still not a peep about what y’all are gonna do with this..

    Jack on
  • Whoa this is a great news for those who missed the opportunity to acquire a set of Heavy Grail or its switch plate! This plate would allow a much wider range of modding or aesthetic cases for HHKB. Really looking forward to seeing your new products with this plate system!

    Sypha on

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