Omnitype Announces OTC Keycaps

Omnitype announces their new Cherry profile dye-sub PBT keycap line.

OTC (Omnitype Cherry). 

— We have been working hard for many months designing and preparing the OTC line and we are very excited to introduce it to you today!

Fun fact: We have been quietly teasing OTC since April 1st as well as on many streams and update posts. It’s been right in front of your face the whole time! 

You may have noticed that we have been a little absent in the area of new product drops this year. We have not run a keycap set groupbuy since Nov 2021. With the ever-increasing timelines with GMK, we just simply didn’t feel right continuing to have products with 1.5-2 year wait times (even while making it known on the product page) every single month. We decided to put a break on GMK groupbuys until their timelines become reasonable again and to work towards a goal of products that can be in-stock/have much shorter lead times. We wanted to make it clear that we care about our customers’ experience and are not just going to sit around and run groupbuys forever. This new keycap line is the first of many in this broadening or pivot in our product lineups. If you are familiar with how we do things or our principles here at Omnitype, you know that details matter to us—a lot. So this took us a little longer than we hoped but the time has finally come!


We had three main goals with this product and we are thrilled to say that we succeeded in all of them:

  1. In-stock / Fast turnaround time
  2. Competitively priced / Great value
  3. Great quality product and unboxing experience 



Cherry profile is the gold standard in the community and in our hearts, so it was a no-brainer what profile our in-stock keycaps would be. 


Legends are probably the most important thing about a keycap set when it comes to them looking “right”. They can make or break a set from looking premium to looking like a knockoff. 

Many hours were put into designing each legend and character, one at a time, to create a fantastic set of legends that meets our standards and the expectations of the community rather than using default manufacturer legends as many do. We went through many rounds of samples to get all the legends exactly how they should be according to our vision. We are very proud to have an affordable set that hits higher than its pay grade and doesn’t feel like a compromise. 


We went with dye-sub as the legend imprint style because it allows for very fast sampling and production turnarounds. We hate having to wait literal years to see our creations come to life and are excited to be able to have sets in your hands quickly. 



*This will be our standard price for our OTC sets, but some designs that require more reverse dye-sub (lighter legends on a darker base cap) will cost more simply because it costs more to produce. 


To kick off the OTC party, we have two colorways that you have been begging us for! 

OTC MoDo Light and OTC 9009

We will continue to release new designs frequently (as well as restock popular designs) to continue to build our collection of available, affordable, and top-quality PBT keycap sets. 

We also are opening up OTC to community collaboration! 


We went through many rounds of prototypes to create a beautiful and compact packaging solution to make shipping efficient and the unboxing experience memorable. 


We wanted the OTC experience to be simple with one main kit and no child kits. We designed a kit that has compatibility for 99% of all customers in one well-priced package. 

Standard Compatibility: Full-size, 1800, 1800CP, TKL, 75%, 65%, 60%, MX HHKB, Alice, ISO and more!


OTC MoDo Light and OTC 9009 will drop in stock on Monday, August 8, 2022.

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