Omnitype is an Official Retailer for the Officially Licensed Poké Ball Replicas

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Omnitype is excited to announce that we are now an official retailer for the officially-licensed premium collectible Poké Ball replicas by The Wand Company. 

Here at Omnitype we try to primarily offer products for communities that we are passionate about and involved in ourselves. While mechanical keyboards will remain our forerunner, we also have other interests that we think have a great overlap with our keyboard customers. One of those things is the world of Pokémon! Becoming an official retailer of the official licensed Poké Balls is a step in the direction to branch out into other collectible products.

Preorders are open

We are very excited to begin by opening up pre-orders for the Poké Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Dusk Ball, and Premier Ball replicas immediately! This is a limited pre-order with the stock we currently have on order. If all the spots are bought, it will not allow more purchases. If this happens, we will immediately proceed with ordering more units, so we can open it right back up. So don't fret if it is not available when you go to purchase, we are just only able to open preorders for the amount of units we have on order. 


About the Poké Ball Replicas

These high quality, accurate Poké Balls, made by The Wand Company, are the first officially-licensed premium collectible replicas for Pokémon fans.

The Poké Balls’ engineered die-cast metal shells are deeply colored and sensitive to both touch and proximity. With brightly glowing buttons and lift-to-display illuminated presentation cases, these Poké Balls are the long-awaited collectibles for Pokémon fans and the beginnings of an exciting Poké Ball collection.

Equipped with touch and proximity-sensing technology, each Poké Ball’s button glows when it senses motion and glows extra brightly when the ball is touched. Pressing the button starts a Pokémon-catching illumination sequence; double-clicking it changes the light color from white to red and then green. These display-grade Poké Balls are ideal for collectors: each replica comes with its own presentation case – authenticated by a uniquely-numbered hologram – and a polished stainless steel ring so that you can display your Poké Ball exactly how you’d like to.

Lights in the display case automatically illuminate when it is opened, bathing the Poké Ball in a softly swirling glow. Adjust the color of the light using the touch-sensitive name plaque on the front of the case to choose one of seven different hues.

The Poké Ball

Although there are numerous different types of Poké Ball, each with different strengths and functions, the original red and white Poké Ball is the most iconic model and typically the first tool a Trainer receives to catch wild Pokémon.

The Great Ball

With its fifty percent better catch rate (as compared to a standard Poké Ball), and its stunning red, white, and blue coloring, the Great Ball Replica is a perfect addition to any Trainer’s Poké Ball collection. 

The Ultra Ball

With its 2x catch rate modifier, its striking black, yellow, and white shell, the Ultra Ball Replica is a perfect addition to any Trainer’s Poké Ball collection.

The Dusk Ball

A Poké Ball that makes it easier to catch wild Pokémon in dark places such as caves.

The Premier Ball

Developed by the Devon Corporation, the Premier Ball is a rare ball with an all white metal shell with distinctive red band, made in commemoration of an event.

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