Our 4 Year Anniversary

ūüéȬ†Four years ago today is the day it all started! Our site went live on June 16th, 2017 with our first few products including the Rubreh Domeh shirt, the r/mk Dad Hat, and many mechanical keyboard themed stickers. It was just a hobby at that time and I had no idea what it would become 4 years later.¬†

What started out as a side hustle run out of my bedroom has blossomed into a whole company run by a team of 4 and we’re still growing!

Team Members:

Owner, Founder, Creative Director, Designer, and more 

This is me, the guy writing this post. You may know me as G Bur on Discord. My job is difficult to explain because I have so many hats #entrepreneurlife. I handle all the administrative work, designer relations, sponsorship relations, product design, graphic design, web design, color-matching, guiding the direction in which we move as a company, as well as other things. My goal is to continue to design products to propel us forward as a company and a market.

Owner, Operations, Customer Service, and more

Heather is not only my wife, but the glue that holds the business together. She handles all order processing to make sure things go as smoothly and quickly as possible and even steps in to pack orders when needed. She also leads the customer service team and ensures that any problems are handled in a timely manner, as well as many other tasks around the business.

Customer Support Agent

Kristian handles most of the common customer service requests like address changes, order edits, and general questions. She has been huge in helping us help you by providing consistent and quality service!

Fulfillment Associate

Trey has years of valuable experience within the shipping industry which has proven to be huge advantage in his role of fulfilling your orders. If we have questions, he's got answers! Aside from fulfilling orders, he also handles other various tasks around the warehouse.


Zelda is our Beagle and Remi is our German Shorthaired Pointer.¬†They make sure that the office is never boring and are always there to put a smile on¬†your face.¬†ūüź∂

Moving on up

I mentioned above that I started in my bedroom at my mom's house, but we are not still doing that with 4 people. I don't think my mom would like that at all. We have been in an office with a nice warehouse since May of 2020 and it has been great for our growth over the past year. However, we have already outgrown this property, even though we thought it would last us a few years. 

At the end of this month, we are closing on a parcel of land and will begin construction on our very own custom-built facility.¬†This will allow us to have a space¬†tailor-made for our operation¬†for us to scale as the demand grows and not have to move again for the foreseeable future.¬†ūüėÜ

Thank you

I know I say this every year, but I am truly grateful for all the support that has gotten us to where we are today. We are continuously committed to providing the reliable and secure experience that we sought out to from the start.


As a way to say thank you, we are running a giveaway raffle for 4 complete sets of GMK Botanical! Follow the link below to enter!



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