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Over the past month, we have been working our fingers, brains, and minds to the bone to get this rebrand and transition complete, as well as many improvements to our platform. We apologize that it took so long and that we didn't complete everything in time for the launch. We will continue to add new features and improvements in the coming weeks and perpetually into the future. Below you can see a break down of everything being added, removed, and changed, as well as some things we plan on bringing in the near future.

Things that are Changing


Our update posts are going to be split up into three new categories instead of everything being on the weekly updates. You also can now subscribe to the RSS feed of any blog.

Press Release 

This will be a place where we post about news related to the business overall and not individual product updates. Examples are the rebrand announcement, the list of changes that we are summarizing here, and any other overall news you need to know about Omnitype moving forward.


The Timelines category will have a different post for each product drop we do with all information and history related to that project, all compiled together. These will be organized by the phase the projects are in, so you can easily go see any information you need to know about a project all in one place, instead of going through each weekly update to see when things happened. These will be linked on the weekly updates and on the product pages of all future drops for you to easily access.


These will be weekly updates about new information related to our products, similar to what you’re used to. This will be the last update that happens on this domain. Everything will be moving to 


We have made some changes to our rewards system, in order to simplify and make it easier to grow without the constant need to adjust. All past points earned will transfer over and any rewards that were already redeemed will still work. We know some people may have been close to reaching a tier or a reward and will now be in a different spot, but to keep it fair, everyone will be subject to the same changes. No individual requests will be accepted for anything that was not redeemed before the change. 

Change Log
  • New Rewards System.
  • Caps will carry over from the old system. They are now called Points.
  • Old coupons that were created from the old system and not used are still active. You will have until February 18, 2021 to retreive your old, unredeemed codes before they are no longer retrievable. No exceptions. The codes will still work after Feb 18th (until their unique expiration dates), they will just not be retreivable after Feb 18th. You can use the this link to access the old widget to get any unredeemed codes and write them down.
  • No adjustments will be made from anything unredeemed in the old system.
  • Points will only be able to be redeemed for discounts coupons. All free shipping coupons, percentage-off coupons, and free product reward options have been removed.
  • Many new ways to earn points
  • Referral earnings have changed
  • Tiers are being adjusted at the moment and are not active. We are having to do a ton of work over tens of thousands of accounts to make sure nothing is broken. Hopefully these will be added back this week. You will automatically be put into the tier you should be once they go live (you may be in a new tier than before). For the time being, everyone will be earning the normal 1x points on your purchases. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We cannot manually add the points for you.

Customer Service

We changed over from our previous customer service software to a new one that will make our backend much more efficient as well as provide a better experience for you.

The primary area of contact will be in the widget at the bottom right of the website. It has many new features that allow you to check your order number quicker, search support articles, and it just generally looks much better on the eyes. If you can't find the answer to your question, then you can start a conversation with us in the widget. If you happen to have the widget open when we respond, you will see it there. If you have left the website, you will receive an email to continue the conversation. You can always come back to the widget to see the full conversation thread.

We hope this new system will add a much more personal and streamlined experience for you. 

Help Desk

The help desk is totally new and much prettier than our old one. All articles have been updated and recategorized to hopefully make them easier to navigate. We will continue to add to these articles and are planning to add more content to help with an introduction to the hobby for beginners who are just getting started.  

Landing Pages

All keycap groupbuy landing page information will be on our redesigned product page. All information you need right on one single page.

Deskpad Calendar

We have a new deskpad calendar that you can now add to your own calendar to never miss another drop! 

Things Being Added


We have improved our wishlist system where you can actually keep track with what you are saving. You can create different lists, add and remove products, get reminders about them when they are back in stock, and even get reminders when they are about to sell out. 

The current wishlist page is not something we are happy with aesthetically and is one of the things that we just couldn't finish in time for the launch. We will be improving this in the near future.



We have decided to add reviews in order for customers to be able to see photos and thoughts about products before purchasing. We have verification setup where only logged in, verified buyers will be able to leave reviews in order to keep them from being abused or used for trolling. We know reviews can lead to problems easily, but they can also be a great resource for customers, so we hope it will go smoothly and not have to be removed. 

Shoppable Instagram feed + Customer Photos

We have added a fun way to view our Instagram feed on our homepage. Product used in each photo will be tagged and shoppable directly from the photo itself. You can even view our Insta stories directly from our website!

You can also have your own photos added to the feed by using the hashtag #omnihype on your photos of our products!  We thought this would be a fun way for you to see real life photos of our products. So get to #hashtagging!

Things Being Removed

Mobile App

We are sad to say that we have disabled and stopped updating our mobile app. We really wanted to have that direct connection to our customers for even easier access to drops, but it just caused more problems on the backend than opportunities it was creating. So if you still have the app downloaded, it will not be updated any longer, and we recommend deleting it and not using to purchase to avoid problems with your order. 

Logos on Deskpad Designs

After many people have asked us to remove the logos on our deskpad designs, we saw this as an opportunity to make that happen. No more logos on all future designs. All past stocked designs (Meka, Skull, Floral, etc) have been updated and our next batch will reflect this change.


Future Things

There were many features we planned on having ready for the rebrand launch that we just didn’t have time to complete. These will be coming in the near future.

  • Visual and UI improvements to the website
  • Improved product page experience
  • Overhauled account page
  • Redesigned account wishlist and reviews panel
  • Better order organization for customers
  • New affiliate landing pages
  • Continuous growth of the Help Desk articles
  • Checkout on Instagram


Brand Announcement

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