GMK 8008 2


+ December 2020


+ Estimated to ship Q4 2021 (as of 12.1.2020)
+ Estimated to ship Jan / Feb 2022 (as of 2.4.2021)
+ Waiting on updated shipping estimate from manufacturer. Will most likely be after the previous estimate. (as of 10.29.2021)
+ Estimated shipping date from the manufacturer has been updated to June 2022. (as of 12.3.2021)
+ Current estimated shipping to us from the keyset manufacturer has been specified to late June 2022. (as of 5.28.2022)
+ GMK 80082 is currently being sorted and packed into trays. Estimated shipping to us from the keyset manufacturer is late this month. (as of 6.17.2022)
+ GMK is still working on sorting and packing these sets so they haven't shipped from their warehouse yet. (as of 7.1.2022) ** We received an update after weekly update email went out - they are 80% complete and should be ready to ship to us next week.
+ Shipping from GMK's warehouse to ours is currently being scheduled. (as of 7.8.2022)
+ Shipment was already picked up from GMK's warehouse and is in transit to us. (as of 7.22.2022)
+ We received the shipment today (8.5), however, it was only about 1/3 of what we ordered (none of which contained child-kits). We spoke with GMK and discovered there was some sort of miscommunication and our order was not sent altogether as it was intended. While the remainder of our order is now being shipped to us, we will start fulfillment on the groupbuy orders that we can (80082 Standard keyset orders and BL00 Standard keyset orders/orders that do not require child-kits) until the rest of our order with the child-kits arrives.
* There was an error on our end affecting both Aesthetic kits. The 6u spacebars were supposed to be alpha colored, however, the production render was sent with the wrong color and we didn't catch it and approved the modifier color. 
- We will be getting the 6u spacebars reproduced in the alpha color and they will be sent to all regional proxies. We are still working on the details with GMK about the timeline and will update you when we have the information. 
- Here at Omnitype, we will go ahead and fulfill all groupbuy orders (once the rest of the shipment arrives) and replacements will be made available to anyone (free of charge) who purchased an Aesthetic kit in the groupbuy once we receive the replacements. 
- This plan only applies to Omnitype, as other vendors may decide to handle this differently.
+ Shipping from GMK for remaining keysets and childkits has proceeded. Orders containing childkits will be processed and fulfilled upon their arrival. Spacebars will complete production on August 30th and then be sorted into the two packs for each Aesthetic kit. Should arrive around mid September.
+ Orders that do not contain childkits are currently being processed and fulfilled (as of 8.12.2022)
+ Shipment 2/2 made it to the USA. Based on recent freight timeframes, we are expecting delivery to us in about two to three weeks. (as of 8.26.2022)
+ Remaining shipment was delivered to us this week. Order fulfillment starts back next week. Replacement spacebars for Aesthetic kits are being shipped to us next week. (as of 9.16.2022)
+ Replacement spacebars came in already so they were included in any orders containing Aesthetic kits. 
+ Order processing is almost complete. The last few remaining orders will get processed on Monday. (as of 9.30.22)
+ Groupbuy order fulfillment has been completed.




+ Custom colors matched in round 1


+ Late Aug 2021 - Deskpads in transit from manufacturer.  
+ Mid-Dec 2021 - Deskpad-only orders have shipped.


+ Late May 2021Rama caps in transit
+ Early June 2021Rama caps arrived
+ Late June 2021 - The Rama caps have color insconsitencies and are being recalled by Rama to be reproduced. 
+ Nov 28, 2021 - We received and approved photos of the revised Rama Caps.
+ Jan 7, 2021 - RAMA Works has notified us that the remade 80082 caps are being shipped to them this week for QC.
+ Feb 4, 2022 - The remade keycaps have shipped and are in transit to RAMA Works for QC.
+ March 2022 - The remade keycaps from Rama Works are in transit.
+ Late March 2022 - The remade keycaps from Rama Works have arrived. Groupbuy orders not containing GMK 80082 keysets will be fulfilled following GMK Redacted groupbuy fulfillment.
+ April 4, 2022 - Groupbuy orders not containing GMK 80082 keysets will be fulfilled following GMK Redacted groupbuy fulfillment this week. If the shipping address is outdated on your order, send in an address change request via our messenger widget or email with your order number and new address by tomorrow, (Tuesday) April 5th.
+ April 8, 2022 - Groupbuy Rama cap order fulfillment (orders that do not contain GMK keysets) has been completed.