GMK MoDo 2


+ June 2020


+ Estimated to ship Q1 2021 (as of 6.3.2020)
+ Estimated to ship April 2021 (as of 9.9.2020)
+ Estimated to ship April 2021 (as of 10.1.2020)
+ Estimated to ship April 2021 (as of 11.5.2020)
+ Estimated to ship August 2021 (as of 2.4.2021)
+ Estimated to ship from manufacturer in mid-Oct and to customers in Nov 2021 (as of 6.25.2021)
+ Shipping from manufacturer (9.24.2021) and shipping to customers most likely in late November. 
+ Shipment will arrive on Dec 6th. The goal is to have all groupbuy orders out before Christmas. (as of 12.3.2021) 
+ 3u spacebar molds were found to be incorrect, so the replacements will be shipped to us in mid January. (as of 12.17.2021)
+ All groupbuy orders have shipped besides a few that we need info for. If you have not received a shipping email, you did not request a hold, and your order has not been updated to fulfilled on your account page, please reach out to us. (as of 12.24.2021)
+ The 3u spacebar replacements have arrived! If you ordered an Obscure kit from us during groupbuy, a replacement is available, and you will receive a separate email today (Friday, Feb. 4) with further instructions. The deadline to order Sunday, Feb. 20th so don't forget! If you ordered an Obscure kit but cannot find the email, here's a link:




+ Colors were matched in round 1.


+ Early Jan 2021 - Deskpads arrived.
+ Mid March 2021 - Deskpad-only (as well as RAMA cap + deskpad) orders shipped.


+ Late Dec 2020 - Caps arrived.
+ Mid March 2021 - RAMA cap-only (as well as RAMA cap + deskpad) orders shipped.