GMK Norse


+ March 2021


+ Estimated to ship Q1/Q2 2022 [pending color matching] (as of 3.2021)
+ Estimated shipping date from the keyset manufacturer has been updated to August 2022. (as of 12.3.2021)
+ Estimated shipping date from the keyset manufacturer has been updated to September 2022. (as of 06.17.2022)
+ GMK is in the process of sorting Norse keysets with a goal of having them completed and ready to ship to us in mid September. (as of 8.26.2022)
+ GMK has completed production and shipment to us is currently being coordinated. (as of 9.16.2022)
+ GMK Norse is in transit from the manufacturer to us.
+ GMK Norse shipment has arrived. Groupbuy orders will be fulfilled over the next couple of weeks. (as of 11.4.2022)
+ GMK Norse groupbuy has completed fulfillment. (as of 11.18.2022)



Blue/Green (Mods)


+ March 2021 - Colors submitted to manufacturer.
+ Early Sept 2021 -  The color sample arrived and will be sent off to the designer and our color specialist.
+ Mid Oct 2021 - Submitted for another sample round.


+ Late Nov 2021 - The manufacturer shipped the new samples on Nov 29th.
+ Mid Jan 2022 - Sample shipped Nov 29th was lost in transit. Received replacement sample. Sample will be distributed to the designer and color specialist.
+ Late Feb 2022 - Color sample was approved. Color matching is complete.


+ March 2022 - The deskpad manufacturer estimates that they will be ready to ship from their warehouse to ours at the end of this month.  
+ April 2022 - Deskpad manu has completed packaging and our shipping agent is coordinating transit. We are waiting for the manu to return from holiday on Thursday (7th) to get finalized pickup dates scheduled.
+ April 2022 - Deskpad shipments are scheduled to depart the manufacturer's warehouse on Tuesday (12th).
+ Mid April 2022 - Deskpads are in transit to us.
+ Early June 2022 - Deskpad shipments are still in transit to us. Vessels are on track to arrive soon so shipments should be delivered to us in June.
+ June 2022 - Deskpad shipments are still in transit to us. Vessels arrived, however, ETA to container freight station is the very end of this month, so delivery to us is now expected in July.
+ July 1, 2022 - Half of our deskpad shipment arrived this week. Deskpad orders (that do not contain keysets/RW caps) have been processed and are being picked up by the carriers today.
+ July 8, 2022 - Deskpad orders (that do not contain keysets/RW caps) have completed fulfillment.



+ April 2022 - We requested status updates on all outstanding projects with Rama Works and they think they are 2-3 months off depending on lockdowns.
+ June 2022 - Rama Works caps expected to complete production in a couple of weeks.
+ July 8, 2022 - Rama Works caps are in transit to us.
+ July 15, 2022 - The RW caps arrived, but the package only contained one variant. We are still awaited the other variant to ship. 
+ August 26, 2022 - Second half of RW caps arrived. Rama cap groupbuy orders (that do not contain GMK sets) are being fulfilled next week.
+ September 2, 2022 - RW cap orders (that do not contain keysets) have completed fulfillment.