GMK Redline


+ October 2020


+ Estimated to ship Q3 2021 [pending color matching] (as of 10.16.2020)
+ Estimated to ship Nov 2021 [pending color matching] (as of 2.4.2021)
+ Estimated shipping date from the manufacturer has been updated to the week of March 21st [pending color matching] (as of 11.12.2021)
+ Estimated shipping date from the keyset manufacturer has been updated to May 2022 [pending color matching] (as of 3.11.2022)
+ Color matching still not complete as of April 2022 so manufacturer's estimate will be pushed back. Updated estimate will be posted here once received.
+ Estimated shipping date from the keyset manufacturer has been updated to June/July 2022 pending color matching (as of 5.13.2022)
+ Estimated shipping date from the keyset manufacturer has been updated to August 2022 pending color matching (as of 6.17.2022)




✅ Red
👁 Alpha Base
✅ Alpha Legends
👁 Modifier Base

+ Nov 2020 - Sent colors to manufacturer. 
+ Late Dec 2020 - Received red color sample.
+ Late Jan 2021 - Received the remaining three colors.
+ Late Jan 2021 - Shipped Alpha Base, Alpha Legends, Modifier Base samples to color specialist.
+ Early Feb 2021 - Received color sample data from color color specialist.
+ Mid Feb 2021 - Submitted adjustments for all colors to manufacturer.


+ Late April 2021 - Color samples are in transit to us.
+ Late April 2021 - Color samples arrived and will be shipped to our color specialist.
+ Early July - Alpha legends approved. All other colors getting another round.


+ Early Sept 2021 - Round 3 red sample arrived and will be shipped to our color specialist.
+ Late Sept 2021 - Round 3 alpha base and modifer base arrived and 
will be shipped to our color specialist.
+ Late Sept 2021 - Red has been approved.


+ Early Nov 2021 - Submitted for another round of Mods and Alphas.
+ Late Feb 2022 - GMK is shipping color samples to us next week.
+ March 2022 - The latest round of samples didn't get shipped to us. The samples were not usable due to unclean material. New samples are currently being produced.
+ March 2022 - Color samples came in and have been sent to the color specialist to be measured.
+ Late April 2022 - Per the last Redline update, we received the latest round of color samples from GMK. They were not much different than the previous samples even after extensive feedback from us on what we needed to change.
We strive to make our sets look the best they can, so we are not happy with where we are. We technically could approve the first round of samples and the set would look good, but the contrast between mod and alpha just isn’t quite right. They are closer in contrast to each other than the renders show.
Our solution is we are going to use our supplier for Bauer Lite resin to match the mod color that we need. GMK hit on both sides of the right color. One is too light and one is too dark, so we will be working with our supplier to hit that middle spot.
We are using our supplier because we should be able to have better communication and not have any language barriers with the weird translations that come with the concepts that are used to describe colors. We also will be able to fly up to the supplier should we need to, as they are in the US.
We have been waiting to post this info until we knew they would be able to help us out with this project. We should be able to get a chip from our supplier to send to GMK to match within a few weeks.
We apologize for the delay on this project. We just want it to look the best it possibly can and do not want to compromise if we don’t absolutely have to.


+ May 2022 - Our Bauer Lite resin supplier received the GMK Redline cap samples this week and will start on creating new ones for us next week.
+ Late May 2022 - Color-matching by our Bauer Lite resin supplier is in progress.
+ Early June 2022 - Color samples created by our Bauer Lite resin supplier are in transit to us.
+ June 2022 - The chip we received from our Bauer Lite Resin supplier was a success. We have sent it to GMK to get a keycap sample in the color.



+ Late Aug 2021 - Deskpads in transit from manufacturer. 
+ Mid-Dec 2021 - Deskpad-only orders have shipped.


+ Late May 2021 - Rama caps in transit
+ Late May 2021 - Rama Caps arrived

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