Crane TKL and Crane Pad Waitlist

We here at Omnitype are so excited to officially announce our newest custom keyboard design, Crane. 

Formerly known as "Scofield", this board has been in design since 2019 with many revisions leading up to the release version. The arrow cluster logo and the new name (Crane) are from the popular paper crane in Japanese origami art.

With Crane, we wanted to design something much simpler than the Bauer design and create a design that is timeless. The even bezels all the way around the keycaps make for a perfectly balanced top view. The "faux-seam" on the side is a way to hide the seam between the top and bottom enclosures with a purposeful design element, while also being use in the isolation compression mount.

The Crane design language will start off with an F13 WKL TKL (Crane TKL) accompanied by a matching numpad (Crane Pad)! 

Stay tuned for announcements about price, colors, and sale date!
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