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Bauer Lite
Amber B. (Allen, TX, US)
Great Board

I enjoyed building my Bauer Lite. The building manual is one of my favorite things about this kit. You can tell that a lot of time and effort was put into creating the manual, and it really shows in the building process. I hope this becomes standard in the hobby as it made the building process a breeze. The board also looks and sounds incredible and, in my opinion, far exceeds the competition within the same price range. I also love the support for split backspace with the option for full. I hope to see more in terms of accessories such as weights and different, more customizable parts continue to roll out (I know they're in the works!) Overall, I highly recommend this kit and have really been enjoying the board.

GMK Dracula V2.0 (CYL)
M.H. (Culver City, CA, US)
Just as expected

Had to have Dracula and who else to pick it up from other than Omnitype? If you want in stock GMK they have you covered, quick shipping and always as expected!

Pokemon™ Die-Cast Premier Ball Replica
Anonymous (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Exactly as expected

Order arrived on time, without issues.
As for the Premier Ball's gorgeous. Have it in my office and get compliments all the time.

Bauer Lite / Small Batch
Coby F. (Vancouver, WA, US)

Batch 2, #2/8. It's a nice baby-blue.
I was happy with happening to get a blue-ish batch to match a set I had laying around... But considering the set I used and seeing photos of batch 4... The coincidental, retroactive trolling from Omnitype stings 😂

GMK Klassiker (CYL)
Nathan M. (Bothell, WA, US)
Maybe my fav set of all time

Fantastic set, goes with everything and the color in the accents are amazing. 10/10 recommend.

GMK Dracula V2.0 (CYL)
Chris M. (Fort Wayne, IN, US)
Awesome keycaps!

Omnitype did a great job organizing this group despite setback in GMK manufacturing.


Love these Keycaps. High quality, very nice looking.

GMK Klassiker (CYL)
Jeremy (Germantown, WI, US)
Nice caps

Quality caps with good colors and no flaws.

MoDo® Deskpad
JD (Lorton, VA, US)

Love the pattern. Nice and thick. Snags easily, causing loose threads (especially if you have a cat who loves the desk). Didn't appreciate spending $8+ on shipping for a $10 item (sale price).

GMK Dracula V2.0 (CYL)
Sam (Lake Forest, CA, US)
Great set at a great price. Waited for happy hour

GMK Dracula on happy hour? Yes please. Great price. Fast shipping. Thanks Omnitype. The shipping box and the GMK box came dented but none of the caps were damaged and I’m not planning to resell so I didn’t mind.

OTC Modo® Light
Sam D. (Hyattsville, MD, US)
Icing on the cake*

The Modo Light keycaps are lovely. Initially, the keycaps were installed on a Keychron C3 Pro, but the spacing between the 6.5u spacebar and the other keys on the row was uneven. The gaps between the spacebar and each Alt key were very small, while the gaps between the other keys on the row were a bit larger than the gaps between any other keys on the board. I decided to switch them over to a recently built Daring Run DR-70f configured with a 7u spacebar and found the gaps to be much more consistent. The Modo Light keycaps look great and compliment the anodized silver finish of the case. With these keycaps, not only is the DR-70F easy on the eyes, but the keyboard is a delight to type on given the smoothly rough texture of the keycaps. Indeed, they are the icing on the cake* (i.e., the case). Admittedly, I felt a little guilty for having picked these up on sale during one of Omnitype's Happy Hours, but I am very happy I did. Thank you for the keycaps, Omnitype!

Noah B. (Atlanta, GA, US)

I got these on sale and they look really good and the quality is insanely good even the packaging was awesome but the best part is the sound with my Gateron milky yellows. AMAZING!!!

My favorite set

Amazing. Im gonna buy the nightmode set cause Im deff not addicted

The color way from small batch is insane!!
4 of 8 acquired

GMK Dracula V2.0 (CYL)
Jay K. (Tucson, AZ, US)
Great set

One of the better sets in terms of color in my opinion, it just seems to go with every type/color of board I want to add it to. Also you can't go too wrong in choosing GMK. Might have to buy another!

Bauer Lite / Small Batch
iLoveCats (Peru, IL, US)
Board never came/Resolved with support

Batch 2.

3 of the 8 boards went missing in transit. One being mine. Never arrived. Usps Priority.

Support was extremely kind, understanding, helpful. Not just in tickets but in discord as well.
I'll try my hand at grabbing another batch in the future. Hopefully usps doesn't fail us next time.

Bauer Lite

Looks great, easy to build in, and umm, ummm I forgot.

Great of course.

Great switches! Feels perfect 👌

Bauer Lite
ares (Ho Chi Minh City, SG, VN)
a well rounded board

I pair it with hyacinth V2U switches and I got my easily best sounded keyboard. All positions sound great and nothing to complain except I wish it has a bit more weight. I wish OMNITYPE would released colorful ver of the bumpers as well.

Bauer Extra PCB
Kris K. (Columbus, OH, US)
High Quality PCB

I purchased the Solderable PCB so I could get the stepped caps option - the hot-swap PCB does not allow stepped caps. The PCB was packaged great and was of very high quality. I soldered switches and paired with a POM plate and all went as planned - all the keys worked straight away and the sound is delectable. I recommend the solderable plate to anyone who enjoys the build experience and also those who are looking for the aesthetics of stepped caps.

Fantastic quality, thank you.

Fantastic Quality! Thank you