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I got this at Keycon and I love it! Definitely the best Bauer lite color way so far. Super easy to build and it sounds and feels way better than what I expected for the price. If you have a chance to get one, do.

Great set if you want BOW.

Go this set on sale. It’s perfect for a basic BOW set. It was the cheapest GMK set I’ve ever bought.

Honestly one of my favorite keycaps at moment! LOVE the retro vibe it gives off!

GMK Botanical 2 (CYL)
John (New York, NY, US)
Great keycaps

High quality and feel great to type with.

Bauer Lite
chuck (Portland, OR, US)
dracula w/colors on the dark bauer lite

left bauer lite review in wrong place, this is for Dracula / dark bauer lite combo review .... hard not to do combo at that price, looking forward to more combo savings.
keyboard is fun and love the feel and looks, plus different colored bumpers.
more please

GMK Dracula V2.0 (CYL)
chuck (Portland, OR, US)
one of the best

got three and want more, wish they had a pcb with a little underglow though (even just mellow white ones would be nice)

Amazing set. Very crisp, clean legends as you expect from GMK, and the colorway is gorgeous. This is the only set of caps I have that looks great on all of my different boards. 2 stars off because the space bar is extremely warped, meaning it rattles on every board I have. Putting small balls of sticky tack on the poles of my stabs helped a bit, but for a set this expensive it was very disappointing.

Omnitype is automatic 5 stars. Great set, amazing deal.

Bauer Lite Plate
plastic_bits (Richardson, TX, US)

It help with making the board sound louder

Bauer Lite
Jimmy T. (Santa Ana, CA, US)

Very great build and easy instructions and videos to help set up. Love the Grim color and other color options.

Redline® Deskpad

Love the mats great quality very nice

Cyber Meka Mat®

Great quality great product

GMK 8008 2 (CYL)
Rivek (Paw Paw, MI, US)
Top Notch, per Usual

Can't say enough about Omnitype's support in selling GMK keycaps. Crisp legends, solid ABS sound. Love this set and it matches my peacock Arc60 perfectly.

GMK Norse (CYL)
Jason (Lloydminster, AB, CA)

Beautiful great set!

Love it.

Classic and beautiful keycaps

GMK 8008 2 (CYL)
Blake A. (Birmingham, AL, US)
Perfect. Quality.

Just as pictured. Prompt shipping and the quality is always top notch every time.

ASCII + Salvun
Hareb A. (Abu Dhabi, AZ, AE)

Very nice SALVUN color 👍🏼

Hareb A. (Abu Dhabi, AZ, AE)

GMK ASCII Very beautiful color and high quality material, i wish was r4 better than r5

Should put In your description it’s not a full set paid 44 dollars for a set of numbers

There is an image for every kit showing what each includes. It also shows the kit image in the cart.

GMK Minimal 2 (CYL)
Park E. (Gangnam-gu, 11, KR)
Omnitype’s response is the best

I am satisfied with the quick response and best response to my inquiries.

Bauer Lite
Chandler (Falls Church, VA, US)
Great budget keyboards

I’ve bought and assembled two Bauer Lites.

Atomic purple: Linear switches and PC plate

Ghost (as a gift for someone else): Tactile switches and aluminum plate.

Very enjoyable building experience. I think it’s cool how well hidden the gaskets are for. The board has a good amount of flex, so I think people interested in using tactile switches may want to look into one of the metal plates. I am excited for additional colors to mix and match with for the top/bottom/plate.

Both boards felt incredible to type on, and the sound is great. I like some of the default QMK remapping (Fn + s/d for volume up/down), and I haven’t had any issues using VIA (“it just works”). I would recommended swapping right Alt button to a Windows key (if you need it).

Some minor cons:
* There isn’t a lot of screws needed to put the case together, BUT it’s pretty hard to fit the small screws into the longer holes. You get used to it, but it still makes disassembly somewhat tedious.

* Some of the donut bumps and plate bumpers will easy come off when flipping the keyboard over during assembly

GMK Dracula V2.0 (CYL)
Eric D. (Dalseong-gun, 27, KR)
Great colors and great build quality

Awesome set with a great price! Good purchase !

GMK Minimal 2 (CYL)
Eric D. (Dalseong-gun, 27, KR)
GMK Minimal 2

Amazing Happy Hour Deal.
Excellent price for this set of GMK.
Thanks for OMNITYPE !

GMK Symbiote (CYL)
C.N. (Brooklyn, NY, US)
Another banger. With tons of versatility.

Such a beautiful keyset love the colors and the mix opaque and translucent caps. Works on a bunch of different color boards but i wanted to keep it spacey and threw it on a silver neo 70.

Liked it :)