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Love this set!

It’s a nice set, what more can I say?

GMK Botanical 2 (CYL)
John P. (Austin, TX, US)
Another great set from Omnitype

Second GMK set I've bought from you in the past few years. Won't be the last. Great experience and beautiful set of keycaps.

GMK Botanical 2 (CYL)
Eric D. (Dalseong-gun, 27, KR)
Great Keycap Set

A replacement kit is included. Order with confidence.

Nathanael (Bella Vista, AR, US)
Awesome set, the profile really makes it stand out

I went for this specifically because of the R0 to R5 layout. I love the look and feel of these between the colors, sub-legends, and true curve. I accept that most people like the duplicated R1 and R4 in their sets, but given the choice everything should have R0 and R5!

Once again amazing deal. AAA+++

My first GMK set, I loved the crispness of the legends and the color matching was perfect. Yes, it is a little pricy, but I highly recommend this and I will probably be buying more GMK sets from now!

Botanical® MIA
Adorable and Functional

First of all, I just want to commend Omnitype and by extension HIBI for the way they handled things with those who originally ordered the Botanical M6-C. This macro pad is a great addition to my Botanical sets and came in a super cute carrying case for transportability! The color matching is quite well done.

GMK Redacted® (CYL)
Keegan (Calgary, AB, CA)
Best BoW keycap

For some reason, I often shy away from BoW keycaps as I think they are a bit bland, which is not something I expand to WoB keycaps, as the black lets it fit on many different keyboard colors. This is the best for BoW though, as it combines that simple colorway with a very interesting design, namely the redacted lettering that can be slowly worn away over time with use. If you are in need of a BoW set, I think this is the best one to purchase and use.
The only draw I can potentially see is if you need something with a bit of a warmer white, seeing as this is a very cool white, resembling the paper (obviously) that Top Secret documents use.

Great keycap set! Looks amazing.

GMK Botanical 2 (CYL)
Shep (Watsonville, CA, US)
Nice Caps!

got these on their weekly sale. Went really nice with my green Neo 80. Excellent service. Shipping was fast enough. (we are really ruined by Amazon)

They work although is miscut. Just skip the standoff.

Needed some for an ergo build. Perfect size.

C. (Baton Rouge, LA, US)
Overall nice keycaps

Overall they are nice keycaps and feel/sound great. The packaging is clever and the color combination is fun, but after I put them on my board felt underwhelmed by my expectations and the actual look. I'm not sure what I'd change, I did accent them as well.

Side note is the customer service I received was excellent.

Nice vibrant color and thick material.

Unsure about washing it, but its a nice mouse pad.

Very nice looking

Very cool novelty keys especially if you’re into cars

Amazing deal for quality set. Only comment is that the legends of the alphas aren’t easily seen compared to the 8008

Completes my build. Beautiful as always

GMK Botanical 2 (CYL)
Andrew (Huntsville, AL, US)
Finally, my green board is complete

I love this set. It think that it's classic, and I love the off-white of the desert base.
Keep your eyes open for Omnitype's great Thursday sales.

When I first got into the hobby, this set was $300 used. A few weeks ago ,it was on sale, I got a great deal, and I don't regret buying it.

Bauer Lite
Just J. (London, ON, CA)
Great Entry Keyboard

This keyboard is a very good and solid choice for beginners. The packaging is very premium and I love the sound. However I have a few issues that prevent it from getting 5 stars. First for keyboard aimed at new comers to the hobby it should have included a cable. I love the design of board but have two issues with it, since the keyboard is transparent the cable connecting the PCB and the breakout PCB looks very ugly. Finally there should be some sort of LED for indicating caps lock. is on.

GMK Minimal 2 (CYL)
Esteban N. (Saint Augustine, FL, US)
Perfect Add On

Completes the truly minimal look for my board. Love it!

Conin (San Nicolás de los Garza, NLE, MX)
Superb colourway.

This is, hands down, one of my all time favourite sets: besides its colours, I do really love the sub-legends and how uniform it looks overall. I have no complains at all, other than wishing it to be 1-1-2-3-4-4 instead of 0-1-2-3-4-5, it feels like a GMKSA or GMKMT3 set this way.