OTC Quality Standards

OTC Keycap Quality Standards

The following Quality Standards are to be used when considering a purchase of our OTC keycap sets. Due to the nature of the manufacturing process of PBT (requires higher temperatures than ABS) and dye-sublimation, the following characteristics cannot be avoided entirely, however, they will be mitigated as much as possible. We want you to know what to expect when you purchase our OTC sets.

Legend Alignment

Some legends may be slightly unaligned and not be in the "correct" place.


Legend Bleeding

Some legends may be less crisp than others or have a bleeding effect. Legends may be blurrier on certain base cap colors than others due to the nature of the different mixtures of resins used to make different colors. (Ex: A specific orange used as the base cap may not allow for as crisp of legends as a white cap.)

* Dye-sublimated legends will not be as crisp as double-shot legends due to being printed instead of being a second shot of plastic.


Legend Colors

Even if the legend color is meant to be the same across multiple keycaps, the base color of the cap can affect the legend color. The same legend color may be slightly different on different colored caps.


Colorways that have also been produced from other manufacturers and materials may vary from the OTC variant.


Keycap Alignment

Some keycaps may be slightly unaligned where the edges are not perfectly parallel to or aligned with the other caps around it.


Keycap Warping

Longer keycaps have a higher tendency to warp slightly. Smaller keys also may possibly warp on individual sides where the edge may seemed slightly bowed.


Color Fading

There may be color fading present near the base of reverse dye-sublimated keycaps.