We are so proud of the small batch units of Bauer Lite, created during the resin color swaps on the injection mold machine. Each unit is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, ensuring that no two keyboards are the same! 

With each unit being unique, owning a small batch Bauer Lite keyboard means you have a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Whether you're a keyboard enthusiast, a collector, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of individuality, these keyboards are sure to captivate your attention.

Each batch is labeled and will be very limited. Each board packaging will be hand numbered and will include an authentication card indicating the batch and board number you received.  

Like the name suggests, our ‘Small Batches’ are small, limited batches created during various times in the injection mold process of Bauer™ Lite parts. The number of units per batch will vary with each run and is determined by the colors involved, as different color combinations create more units than others. Each batch will consist of units that are all similar in color and combination, however, every unit is unique and has a completely random pattern/color/intensity that is one-of-a-kind. 

Small Batches will have no photos listed before they are sold and will only have a description of the colorway next to the variant name. So it will be a mystery as to what you get until you open your box!

And we're also in on the mystery as we here at Omnitype don't even know what we are going to get until they arrive. It is truly a surprise for us as well! Once we receive the units, we curate the best color combinations to offer unique and exciting colorways that are truly one-of-a-kind!

All Bauer Lite Small Batches will be dropped in stock as first come, first serve. Drops will happen on Saturdays at 2PM Central Time as we have units available.

Sign up for the Bauer Lite newsletter to be notified. We will only notify the day before and not at the time of the drop because of the limited nature of these products.

When you order a Bauer Lite Small Batch, we will ship the boards in the same order that they are purchased. Once a batch is sold out, it is gone forever. As we mentioned, every batch will be very limited and will be limited to one per customer.

Each Small Batch board will come with a handwritten sleeve and authentication card showing the date, batch #, board #, and the mixture of plastic transparency in the batch. 

Even though we will not be showing photos of exactly what each batch is before they drop, we will be showing off sneak-peaks of batches through our various social channels. As we haven't shipped any boards yet, we're happy to give you a glimpse into what you can expect from a Bauer Lite Small Batch - if you're fortunate enough to snag one! Please keep in mind that the colors featured in these sneak peeks may not necessarily be available in future Small Batches, but they will give you an idea of the beautiful color mixtures and swirls you can look forward to.

The Archive

Below you can see all the past Small Batches that have dropped and information about each!

NOV 24, 2023 / BL102AB0-1E / $174.99

While the 1st Edition wasn't technically a Small Batch release, it was a limited release that will never happen again, so we included it in the archive.

The 1st Edition Bauer Lite is truly a one-time-only variant featuring a unique custom mold. This exclusive version will only be available until all 250 units are sold, making it a truly special offer.

The stunning opaque white design is complemented by included GMK Minimal keycaps for a sleek, all-white look. And as an added bonus, each unit comes with a hand-written authentication card, guaranteeing its authenticity as part of this inaugural release. Don't miss your chance to become one of the lucky few to own a 1st Edition Bauer Lite!

DEC 9, 2023 / BL102AB0-SB-0 / $149.99

This first batch of Small Batches is going to be different than the rest that follow, and that is why it is labeled as Batch 0.  These units are not one-of-one and are all the same.

Due to some changes in our original design plans, Batch 0 will stand out from the rest in a unique way being the units are fully transparent and can literally never be made again. Although we couldn't fully execute our transparent vision for the 1st Edition for the launch, we're thrilled to be able to share a limited number of samples for Batch 0. We can't wait to get these unique boards into the hands of our wonderful customers, even if it's just through a Small Batch release.

Units do not have an Omnitype logo printed on the back of the top enclosure.

JAN 27, 2024 / BL102AB0-SB-1 / $174.99

Batch number one marks the beginning of the sale for the one-of-a-kind swirl units. This initial batch features a marbled white top combined with a translucent lavender bottom that is swirled with white. The undersides gradually shift from a deep lavender hue to a subtly light lavender tone throughout the entire batch.

The unit we kept for our archive that you see in the photos below is one of the lower contrast lavender units.

The price is set to the official Small Batch price of $174.99, as Batch 0 were not all unique, therefore had a lower price.

FEB 10, 2024 / BL102AB0-SB-2 / $174.99

Batch 2 showcases a lovely mint hue with intricate swirls. The boards display a range of shades, transitioning from a deep, rich mint to lighter variations. The top housings exhibit an opaque mint color, while the bottom housings feature a translucent mint tone with beautiful swirl patterns.

FEB 17, 2024 / BL102AB0-SB-3 / $174.99

Batch 3 unveils a one-of-a-kind and surprising color scheme, with a gorgeous amber tone that harkens back to John Hammond's cane. Additionally, some units showcase black swirls.

FEB 24, 2024 / BL102AB0-SB-4 / $174.99

Batch 4 is a fantastic color combo with a light teal top and a pink-ish red bottom that compliments Modo Light perfectly!

MAR 2, 2024 / BL102AB0-SB-5 / $174.99

Batch 5 is one of our favorites with its 🍉 watermelon theme! A juicy red top with a teal bottom that blend deliciously together.

MAR 16, 2024 / BL102AB0-SB-6 / $174.99

Batch 5 is a fantastic monochromatic colorway with light grey and dark grey mixed together.