8008 Ink Switches
8008 Ink Switches
8008 Ink Switches

8008 Ink Switches

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Number 35 Switches

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When we set out to create this switch, we wanted to take the best parts of our two favorite switches (the housing of the Gateron Black Ink and the spring of the Gateron Yellow) and bring them together in the color scheme of one of our most popular keycap sets. However, the Ink housings are translucent and the colors for 8008 would not be successful without opaque plastic. So we spent nearly a year working with Gateron to create an opaque plastic mixture that is still every bit an Ink housing. As a result, we have the first-ever opaque ink switch!

Designed by Omnitype®
Produced by Gateron
Made in China
Housing matches GMK 8008® Modifiers
Stem matches GMK 8008® Pink

PCB Mount
Gateron Yellow Spring
Linear | 4.0mm travel
50g Actuation | 60-65g Bottom Out
V2 Ink molds

The images shown are used for illustrative purposes only. While we aim to accurately estimate and reproduce colors, there may be minor variations in the color of the actual product because of the nature of plastic, dyes, weather at the time of production, and differences in display output due to lighting and digital photography and color settings and capabilities of monitors. By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to these terms.

8008® Inks are different from regular black inks but the goal here was to keep the same experience with an opaque housing.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Carlo N.
8008 Inks

I love the color, it does need filming though like the Black Inks V2

Orlando I.
They're different than the inks you're used to.

They're very smooth and sound great, but they're different from the inks you're probably used to. That's neither good nor bad, it's up to your preferences.

Juan L.
They were alright

Felt and sounded more like a Gateron Robin or Merlot than an Ink.

Ashley C.
Great lubbed

Stock these switches are scratchy, but after lubbing them they are great.

Carlos L.
8008 Ink Switches

Fast delivery and smooth switch !

Matthew C.
Best linears to date

These are the best linears I have bought to date I tried táctiles I I liked the feel but then I bought these switches I’m and I fell in love with the especially lubed and filmed

Roman V.
Definitely made from v2 Ink molds!

If you are like me and sometimes have issues with the Ink v2 molds where after you open them the clasps do not seal the switch tight as well. This is often an issue with Gat Black Ink v2's and I am having the same issue with these as well. It means that you may need to be a bit particular and careful with modding these switches as it makes filming them much more difficult. Often the clasps are bent just enough to never click back into place.

Be aware! If you had issues with modding Gat black ink v2's you may have similar experiences with this one!

That being said, the colorway still looks good! I would swap the gat yellow spring though, the ones in this batch are pretty loud even after lubing compared to lubed Gat Yellow springs. Dunno what's up with that since they are supposed to be the same springs, but maybe my ears are just broken. They sit somewhere between Black Ink v2 and Gat Yellow in sound and smoothness, in my opinion.

Andre M.
Very smooth, great color.

Tried stock on my hotswap board(NK65 alu). They certainly need lubing and probably filming too. If you were looking for a lighter Gat Black Ink, this is it. Got 3 packs of 35 to cover a TKL, so I'll have some spares.

andrew t.
loving the switches so far.

very little stem wobble. the yellow springs are nice. almost no noise stock. i will be lubing 8008 soon.

Adam H.H.
Great stock switches

Really happy with how these feel and sound on their own, lubing and filming them will ascend them